When Was the Last Time You Had Shortbread?

Surprised to find a recipe for shortbread on this website?

Don’t be. While I won’t claim that shortbread is healthy for you, it’s one of the easiest desserts to make, and it uses real ingedients, so you know exactly what you’re eating—not to mention that cardamom lowers blood pressure, prevents blood clots, and protects against cancer. No nasty preservatives, no bleached flour, no conventional nonorganic butter.streaming Alien: Covenant movie

Here’s my inspiration: afternoon tea was the theme of my book club’s most recent meeting.

When I was in middle school, making tea was a regular ritual with a good friend of mine, whose father was British. It didn’t have to be afternoon tea—we also had evening tea, middle-of-the-night tea, and breakfast-in-bed-after-a-sleepover tea. We even had a Mad Hatter birthday tea party. She gave me the first cup of my teacup collection, which now has six carefully selected pieces.

Then, when I went to college, I became friends with a wonderful Brit; the ritual expanded to afternoon tea in the New York and London Ritzes—not an inexpensive experience, but a wonderful one nevertheless.

What follows is a pictoral ode to afternoon (or anytime) tea.