Green Tuna Salad (with Avocado)

I grew up on tuna salad sandwiches made with tuna, mayo, relish, and a little lemon. They were delicious and simple. As a college student, I ate a lot of tuna because it was cheap, low in calories, and high in protein, perfect in my seemingly endless quest to lose weight. In the past four years, I’ve shied away from canned tuna for multiple reasons:Green Tuna Salad (more…)

Healthy Recipes for People Who Don’t Like Healthy Food

I have to give a shout out to my parents (both of whom love healthy food) in this post, which features my dad’s recipe in the cookbook my mom made for all of us so we’d have the best of the family recipes in one place. This is a really good dinner, especially for people who don’t like “healthy” food, whom it seems I am surrounded by since moving to the Clemson, SC, area where BBQ and fast food are the norm. I had so much fun scouring the local grocery stores for the healthiest breadcrumbs, the least offensive chicken, and—tada!—organic broccoli! Things I used to take for granted in Charleston I now rejoice over like the woman in the Bible who found her lost coin. It’s really amazing to be grateful for little things. (more…)

Hurricane Food: Sausage Ratatouille and Buttered Turnips

OK, so there’s not really a hurricane, but the gloomy weather in upstate South Carolina is attributed to a tropical storm that either once was or once might have been a hurricane. Thus, the need for some cooler weather, cloudy day food. And I have just the thing!