Eat This to Get Rid of Winter Weight

As spring approaches and along with it the thought of shorts and bathing suits, many people will eat a lower-fat diet in order to keep off winter weight. However, low-fat diets can often leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, and can actually contribute to craving fatty, high-calorie food.

I recommend that instead of a low-fat diet you consume some healthy fat. This doesn’t just mean avocados, salmon, and walnuts. Saturated fat has gotten a bad (and undeserved) reputation in the past sixty or so years, though it has been an essential part of the human diet for thousands of years. (more…)

How to Make Vegetarian Food Satisfying

If you are a meat eater like me, the thought of a meal without beef, chicken, pork, or fish can be a little daunting. I find that I associate a lot of mental satisfaction with meat—without meat, it’s not a meal, it’s just a snack. While there is a lot of common sense evidence to suggest that a certain amount of meat is good for you—our not-so-distant ancestors ate organic meat because that’s all there was, and it’s very difficult to get enough essential vitamin B without it, not to mention all of the necessary amino acids—there’s also a decent body of evidence that suggests a break from meat can be good for you, too. Meat can be difficult to digest (although some studies suggest that because meat stimulates more gastric juices it is an important part of a healthy digestive system), so eating vegetarian once or twice a week (or more often depending on your inclination) gives your digestive system a break.

In order to solve the problem of mental satisfaction for the rabid carnivores in your home, I asked myself this question: What is the most satisfying non-meat food? And I answered myself confidently: Pasta.

In my experience, you can eat a plateful of pasta with no meat in sight and feel absolutely satiated. So last night, being as there was no meat in the house and I was too lazy to go to the grocery store, I defaulted to an absolutely delicious vegetarian meal.


Vegetarian Pasta for the Ravenous Meat Eater


Oh, the Deliciousness of Curry!

Especially when you accidentally buy roasted red chili paste instead of red curry paste and have to wing it like I did.

Fortunately my good friend Amy Jo Gengler of Re-Soul Acupuncture gave me a curry book for my birthday. This thing is amazing—it actually tells you how to make curries from scratch, no curry powder or paste needed. While I didn’t have some vital ingredients such as lemongrass (does anyone know what galangal is?) I was able to ad lib with what I did have and make what tasted like a delicious chicken and local vegetable curry.