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Now available: Meal Plans for 2

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The Unprepared Kitchen Meal Plans


Not everybody loves to cook. But some people do want to find the motivation, time, and money to do it.

These meal plans:

  • optimize nutrition, variety, and absorption of nutrients, which is a key factor in satiation and weight loss
  • use seasonal ingredients so you can buy fresher, local foods depending on your area
  • maximize your budget: you’ll use up all fresh ingredients while building a pantry of staples that you’ll be able to use repeatedly
  • minimize your time spent in the kitchen: it’s all about cooking once and eating twice…or three or four times
  • teach you how to incorporate spices, which are the key to delicious, healthy food

And they are specifically designed for just two people.

The Unprepared Kitchen meal plans will make healthy cooking for two easy, fun, and exciting!

And best of all, you don’t have to think ahead. All you have to do is love real food.

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Why Isn't Your Food Satisfying You? / Green Apple Food Therapy

Group Coaching: Why Isn’t Your Food Satisfying You? (1 session, 90 minutes)

Do you struggle with cravings? Are you seeking satisfaction or comfort in food? Are you a stress or boredom eater? Do you frequently overeat?

Willpower isn’t the answer! Learn the four reasons why you can’t defeat your cravings with willpower, and what to do about it! The solution is easier than you think!



Life-Changing Personal Health Consultations at Green Apple Food Therapy

Personal Consultation (1 session, 90 minutes)

In this 90-minute phone session, we will create an action plan for your specific health goals. We’ll discuss your health history, help you identify obstacles to getting and staying healthy, and provide solutions to get you started. When you participate in conjunction with an Unprepared Kitchen meal plan, you’ll receive a discount.


Individual Coaching (1-hour sessions)

Receive one-on-one coaching to address the health goals identified in your personal consultation, as well as new ways of thinking about food and lifestyle, emotional eating, fats and protein, and cravings. When you participate in conjunction with an Unprepared Kitchen meal plan, you’ll receive a discount.


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