The five fundamental elements of food therapy

Food therapy is a term I have coined to interpret the training I received as an AADP-certified holistic health practitioner through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. It involves the following five elements. As we apply these elements to your life, you will discover how to heal your relationship with food and achieve your health goals.

Primary Food*

There are four main areas that feed us in non-food ways. When one of these areas is in imbalance, we see the effects in our relationship with food.


No one diet or exercise plan works for everyone. Just as our bodies and lives are unique, our health lifestyle and wellness needs are completely individual.

Crowding Out*

Cutting out food simply increases cravings, which are often based on nutritional deficiency. Adding nutrient-dense foods crowds out less healthy foods.


Given half the chance, the body heals itself. We can manage symptoms, but to actual heal the body needs certain optimal conditions, including proper nutrition.


We label ourselves to help create a sense of our own identity. Recognizing the unhealthy associations with certain labels can help us deconstruct them.

*This concept is original to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® and I use it in my program with permission.

Food therapy is specifically designed to help you live your best life. This involves empowering you to take charge not only of your health and nutrition, but also other areas of your life that influence what you eat.

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